Late Nirmala Devi Education Trust's

Mother Bless English High School


      The School has an active PTA. Regular PTA meetings are held in the school. Important decisions regarding changes in school timing, uniform, fees etc. are discussed and implemented accordingly. The suggestions and feedback help us to improvise in different areas which ensure better functioning of the school. Parents are also involved in the admission process to ensure transparency.
      Parents are invited as judges to judge various Inter House Competitions to strengthen the bond between the school and the parents. There is a special event in the Sports Day for parents in which they participate enthusiastically. For the pre-primary section, special events for parents and kids are organized.
      Various days are celebrated in our school wherein parents are invited to participate. Pet day for the Pre – Primary Section, Grand Parents Day, Dandia, Navratri Celebration are occasions when the school collaborates with the parents to further enhance these activities and to create a bonding between the school and parents. On Teachers Day, parents& grandparents are invited to teach for a day and they share their experiences after the session.